Meet me half way: Getting back on track at home and work

“People are different, but they’re predictably different and different personality styles react differently under stress and in the workplace.

So how can we communicate effectively in the current emotionally fraught workplace when many are suffering burnout?  Patience is running thin and we’ve undone and broken down our human connection with our teams because of lockdowns and #WFH.  

I’m afraid it’s NOT business as usual.  As much as everyone has or is trying to come to terms with the new ways of #WFH and trying to get by without a regular real-live huddle, things have changed and actually, so have we!

Understanding why we do the things that we repeatedly do, how we like to receive information and what our fears are is a fundamental step forward in our own self-awareness journey.  It’s invaluable for us to know and understand more about the different personality styles that we interact with every day.

It will be helpful for you to communicate with others in THEIR STYLE of communication, and how THEY LIKE to receive information.  You’ll appreciate others and their uniqueness and THEY in turn will feel heard and understood which will lead to a happier and more productive team.

Find out more about the different personality styles and learn a new language while you’re at it.  Listen to Teresa Richardson from TM Reworked‘s useful tips and hints giving you a head start on how to reconnect and rework your relationships with everyone that you interact with.“

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