A travel aficionado, tree hugger, health freak and fervid people lover!

How it began…

Having spent 35 years of my working in the corporate sector, I realized from early on in my career how essential it is to keep people positive and motivated in the business world. Knowing it doesn’t make it any easier to do!

Nothing drives me more than empowering teams, inspiring managers and motivating leaders. I believe wholeheartedly that people can achieve a higher level of productivity by having a deeper and clearer understanding of how different people communicate and interact with an awareness of what motivates and makes each individual unique.

What I’ve learnt…

I’ve learnt many lessons on the topic of human behaviour and the value that people bring to every organization during my career as a Leader and Managing Director. I identified behavioural profiling as an effective management tool that added tremendous value to our team.

It was this insight, along with my interest in people, experience in travel, and my business acumen that inspired me to pursue a career in Behaviour Analysis in Business Perspectives.

How I can help you…

My firm focus is on people development as I strongly believe that an investment in people is the most powerful asset to any business, in any industry.

For your teams to become highly aligned and effective, communication is key. At the heart of this, is self-awareness and the awareness of what is driving the behaviour of others. It’s a small, nuanced difference to any team or company, but behavioural science and analysis can help close the communication and structural gaps.

About Teresa

Never one to sit still, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a pretty adventurous side to me. I love nothing more than pitting my skills against the elements, whether that’s zip-lining through the air on the longest, fastest and highest ropes in Costa Rica and Dubai, or venturing into the deep blue sea, white water rafting on some of the world’s most hair-raising rapids in Zimbabwe and New Zealand, and even summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, one of my all-time best experiences. As a mother of two grown daughters, I’m deeply grateful to have the privilege of raising them. I’ve always shared my passion for life with them and encouraged them to live theirs to the fullest. They’re both at the core of every life lesson I’ve learnt along the way and they continue to blow me away with their zest for life and for the incredibly loving and kind humans that they are.

As a certified Yoga instructor, I’m consistently focused on personal growth across a spectrum of different interests, contributing to my ability to lead with empathy, understanding and curiosity.